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A partner who amplifies everything you do well, it's possible.

An infinite world of possibilities

Being possible

An infinite world of possibilities

"Being possible" means embracing the idea that we’re not defined by our current situation but rather by our unfulfilled potential.

It's a belief in our ability to create, innovate, solve complex problems, and shape a better future. It's the confidence that behind every obstacle lies an opportunity and that every failure brings us one step closer to success. It's stepping through the door into a world of endless possibilities.

We’re a collective of free electrons making up an advertising agency specialized in brand positioning.

We call it 'brandology'. Think of it as a spinoff on traditional marketing which focuses on branding in the broadest sense. Mostly, it's a collaborative process that enables us to blaze the right trails to increase your brand value.


To us, a brand is more than a product or logo. It's a bond you create with every consumer and employee. It's about establishing a relationship, making a connection. And to achieve that, it's all about the details. And boy, do we love details.

Becoming possible

Sneak pSneak Peekk On some of our projects

    Advertising + Positioning

    Les Sommets

    More than 35 advertising campaigns (over 20 years!) for Sommets Saint-Sauveur, Morin-Heights, Olympia, Gabriel, Edelweiss and Parc aquatique. A long-standing relationship in multi-brand positioning.



    Creation of promotional campaigns for various projects to increase membership, including brand platform identity and full deployment of marketing tools, as well as a digital campaign around the website.

    An online grocery store and the equivalent of a regional "Lufa", in addition to being a solidarity cooperative. Strategic digital marketing support to increase the number of pick-up points.

    Creation of the visual identity for NOVAT - Colloque novateur en tourisme d'affaires, 2023 edition at the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, including name research and creation of promotional tools.


    MRC de Papineau

    Deployment of traditional (billboards) and digital (programmatic) campaigns for Tourisme Petite Nation, with the aim of raising awareness of the region and increasing annual traffic.

    Creation of the complete brand platform including name and positioning, all photo/video content. Deployment and promotion of tools over 3 years.

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